by Bob Larsen, South Jersey Guppy Group


GUPPIES-----HOW AND WHAT I FEED by Bob Larsen Here is a list of what food items I feed my guppies.
Fresh newly hatched brine shrimp----------once a day
Frozen adult brine shrimp-------------------once a week
Frozen beef heart-----------------------------once or twice a week Zieglers
Baby Granules----------------------a few times a week
De-cap baby shrimp--------------------------a couple of times a week
Ken’s Fish guppy flakes---------------------a couple of times a week
My own de-worm frozen paste-------------once a month
My own concoctions frozen paste----------a few times a month

My first feeding occurs before going to work, usually before 9 A.M. This feeding is usually one of the dry foods mentioned above. Around 3 or 4 P.M. the fish will get one of the frozen foods or dry again. By about 6 or 7 P.M. a little dry food is given again, and a half hour later newly hatched baby brine shrimp. Some thoughts on who gets fed what, are as follows. Baby fish get everything mentioned everyday, and even a little extra if time permits. By baby fish I refer to young from birth to about five months of age. Adult fish get fed the whole menu except fresh baby brine. Note: Newly hatched shrimp, hatched in a brine solution harbor too much bacteria. The adults do not need baby brine and problems associated with newly hatched shrimp. Split tails and other ailments seem to be a result of this food. Other differences are: fish between 4 and 6 months of age will be fed less per serving than babies. Fish that are 6 months old and older only get one feeding per day of whatever I am feeding that day, with the exception of baby brine shrimp . Older fish get the rest of the menu. Note: Never feed any fish if you intend to bag the specimen for showing or selling. The by products from the bagged fish can quickly foul the bag and usually kill the occupant. Remember, using this type of feeding program you need to keep up with water changes. You are intentionally overfeeding to get the maximum size during the first few months of the fishes life. With 130 tanks I do water changes twice and at times three times a week.


Bob Larsen