the monthly SJGG meetings and SJGG Show
Griggstown, NJ

The Griggstown Volunteer Fire Company

1. Take NJ Turnpike to Exit 8A Jamesburg/Cranbury.
2. After toll head toward Cranbury. Take a left at the first traffic light and a right at the next traffic light.
3. This road brings you to Route 130 North if you stay in the right Lane. It's less than a mile to Rte 130.
4. When you get onto Route 130 get in the left lane and go less than 1 mile to the first light. This is Route 522. Make a left turn onto Route 522 from the extreme left lane.
5. Continue on Route 522 to the fifth light and make a right at the light onto New Road.
6. Go straight on New Road to the next light, which is Route 1 (location of Red Roof Inn). Cross Route 1 and continue on New Road through the town of Kendall Park to the next light which will be Route 27. Obey the ridiculous 25-mile an hour speed limit in the wide section of this road stretch as the town makes it's money here writing speeding tickets.
7. Go straight across Route 27 (This is now called Bunker Hill Road) for about 3 miles to where the Road comes to a "T".
8. Make a Left onto Canal Road (fairly narrow road) and go less than a quarter mile.
9. On the left side of the road you will see the Griggstown Volunteer Fire Company. Make a left just after the building and follow the driveway to the back of the firehouse where there is a parking lot.
10. Park away from the gas pump and go up the stairs at the back of the building through the double doors.
11. Use caution when leaving the firehouse parking lot as the road is narrow with limited vision and cars tend to speed on this section.