1q: Why did my fish die when I put them into their brand new tank. I used chlorine/chlorimine remover, then I let the guppies float in the bag to adjust the tem- perature, so what went wrong?

1a: First of all the phrase brand new tank scares me, that could automatically mean trouble. The first thing you should do is pour the fish with its water into a container, next pour an equal amount of water about the same temperature as that of the water the fish came with. About every half hour repeat this step until you have about 2-3 gallons of water. The next day add one have of the total water to the tank. Your fish should be doing "OK".... Don't feed your fish the first day, wait until they have been acclimated. pH Shock is probably the number one killer of fish when they are placed in their new environment. Also don't let your guppies float in the bag. If you receive guppies and the water is cold just let the warm up to room temperature and then follow the above advice.

2q: How do I tell if the male and females are from the same line of guppies??

2a: Unfortunately you are at the mercy of the breeder who sold you the guppies.. So buyer beware.

3q: What do I feed my guppies , so they to can end up being Show Quality Guppies? And where can I obtain this food, if my local pet shop does not carry these products.

3a: Brine shrimp is an absolute must along with a variety flake foods.

4q: Where can I get fish from and feel relatively comfortable about purchasing these guppies???

4a: Right here on GUPPIES ONLINE. Although the club assumes no responsibility for transactions made between the two parties(buyer/seller) if there are several complaints lodge against any member selling guppies the club can decide to take his name off this web site as a seller of fancy guppies. This is but a small means of check and balances(something is better than nothing).