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The South Jersey Guppy Group is an organization of approximately 50 members who have many years of experience in maintaining, breeding, and producing show winning guppies. This Website was created to allow guppy enthusiasts from around the world to utilize the experience and expertise of the members of our organization. All of the information provided on this site comes from years of hard work and dedication to the hobby. We are the oldest and largest guppy club on the eastern seaboard, which has added to our rich tradition over the decades. We continue to support the growth of the guppy hobby through many forms. One of the most successful forms of growth for us in this wonderful hobby is our monthly guppy meetings that bring together members from three states, sharing old and new ideas on all aspects of the fancy guppy. We invite anyone to join us in this hobby, whether they join us at our monthly meeting or here on our GUPPIES ONLINE web page. We really hope you enjoy your visit!!!!!

Special thanks to the IFGA and other groups for their support over the years. Let's all take part in further improving the hobby and increasing it's popularity Worldwide.

We've done everything humanly possible to insure the accuracy of the information provided on this site. We cannot be held liable for it's content. The sole purpose of this Website is for the improvement of the hobby and to support our club. We hope you've recognized the value and enjoyed visiting.