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People have requested that we provide links to other related sites. We feel that the whole purpose of this site is to share information and ideas relating to the hobby. Since we're actually "referring" you somewhere else, we feel that it's important that we do the leg work to avoid sending you off into cyberspace. We hope you enjoy all of the related sites that we've found to be useful.

Must-See Links

IFGA official site - Check this website regularly for updated information especially upcoming Guppy shows and Show results.

Guppy and Livebearer Related Sites:

Viviparous Live Bearer information service - Provides some great information about all Live Bearers.
Guppies.Com - A website offering information about fancy guppies.
New England Fancy Guppy Association  
Chesapeake Guppy Club
East Coast Guppy Association

Other Sites of possible interest

Fish and Marine Aquarium FAMA Magazine...Nice Website!!!
Fish Information Service (FINS) Index
Aquascape Aquarium Products Magazine
Breeding The Angelfish
CHOP: Cichlid Home Page
Cichlid Research Home Page
Clown Loach
Discus Study Group
Index to Australian Desert Fishes
International Killifish Association
American Killifish Association
The Zebra fish Server
1997 Tropical Fish Enthusiasts Calendar of Events 
JAWS - Just Aquaria Web Site
The Krib (Aquaria and Tropical Fish)
Local Aquarium Clubs
Aquaria FAQs
Paul's Koi page
Center for Aquatic Plants
The Austin Pond Society's Home Page
Home Page for International Water Lily Society
Terse Map of the *.Aquaria FAQs
The goldfish pond
Paul's Koi page
Center for Aquatic Plants
Fish and Marine Aquarium
The Austin Pond Society's Home Page
Home Page for International Water Lily Society
Lake Tanganyika Cichlid Homepage
World of Fishes
Discus Breeders Web Site
Aqua Net
The Master Index of Freshwater Fishes
Fish Collection Search Database
Fish Searches
Fish Collection - Online Search

Salt Water/Marine related sites

Official Aquarium pages...VERY Interesting Places to visit!!!



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