Guppy Tips

  1. Use bare bottom tanks, 10 gals. for guppies over 2 months 5 1/2 gals. for babies.
  2. Use box filters in your tanks, marbles and filter floss.
  3. Change about 20 percent of your water each week, siphoning the debris from the bottom of the tank. The water should be aged or treated with a chlorine/chloramine remover if you have these chemical in your water supply.
  4. The pH of the water should be in the range of 6.8--7.6(7.0-7.2 is preferable).
  5. The temperature should be between 75--80 degrees(guppies 0-4 months 78-80, 5-8 months 75-77, 9-12 months 72-74).
  6. Your guppies should enjoy about 10-16 hours of light a day. An automatic timer should be used to turn your lights on and off . A half hour before you get up in the morning the lights should come on. Shortly after you have gotten up, your guppies can be feed. One to two hours later the lights can go off. About a half hour before you arrive at home the lights should come on again, the lights will stay on for 6-8 hours more.
  7. Newborn guppies as well as your older ones should be fed newly hatched brine shrimp once or twice a day. A variety of flake food should be fed as well.
  8. Your male guppies should be separated from the females at about 4 weeks of age. This must be done as the worst male of the lot can fertilize the females and ruin your stock.
  9. Don't overcrowd your guppies, twenty guppies per ten gallons(fish that are 5-7 months).
  10. Always cull, petshops will always be happy to purchase your culls.
  11. Join a guppy club, if there are not any guppy clubs in your area, then join an all species aquarium club and start a guppy group within that all species club. When you have 4 other members you can apply to the IFGA as a new club... Hope to see you soon, good luck.